Samsung J7 VS S7: How to Pick a Better Model?

In case you are stuck deciding which Samsung model to pick, this comparison of J7 and S7 is sure to help you out. In the review below, we’ll gather common characteristics and pay extra attention to the differences.

The overview of the main categories and differences

1. Screen

The size of the display is slightly different. While J7 offers 5.5”, S7 has a smaller one with 5.1”. The resolution is also different. J7’s screen is 1440 x 2560 pixels with a density of 576 PPI, while the other model is only 720 x 1280 pixels with a density of 267 PPI. While both screens have Corning Gorilla Glass, the editions are different.

2. Storage

Samsung J7 has 16Gb installed and a card slot. It’s competitor S7 has 32GB and a card slot.

3. RAM and Operating system

While J7 has only 1.5GB RAM space, Samsung S7 brought a smartphone 4Gb. Samsung J7 comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop and S7 model has Android 6.0 Marshmallow preinstalled.

4. Chipset

The 2015 model J7 has Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580, while the 2016 model S7 has an improved version called Samsung Exynos 8 Octa 8890.

5. Camera

Both smartphones have a single camera. However, J7 has 13 MP compared to S7’s 12 MP. The video recording features differ, too. S7 can film 4K UHD, Full HD, and HD, while J7 only allows Full HD option. Besides, only S7 has a High Dynamic Range Mode. Each smartphone has a front camera. However, S7 has only 5 MP while J7 has 13 MP.

6. Battery

The battery is the same, 3000 mAh. However, only S7 model offers quick charging.

7. Design

The phones do not only have different size of the screen but different parameters in general. The thickness of J7 is 7.5 mm and S7 has 7.9 mm. The width is 78.6 mm and 69.6 mm respectively. Comparing the height, J7 is 10 mm taller. The weight differs, too. J7 weighs 171g and S7 only 152g. The design also differs at the back of the phone. While S7 has glass in the back and aluminum frame, J7 is made of plastic.

8. Extras

While Galaxy J7 has only a proximity sensor and accelerometer, S7 model has a light sensor, barometer, compass, and gyroscope in addition to those features. The latter also comes with a fingerprint sensor. S7 is also water and dust resistant which is a great improvement.

9. Release date

Samsung Galaxy J7 was released in 2015. S7 came out a bit later, in 2016. If you wish to get one of these, it’ll be more reasonable to get the newer model.

Common characteristics

Both models have super AMOLED displays with capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch feature. The cameras also have lots in common. For instance, both have exposure compensation, ISO control, Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Touch to Focus features, etc. The shooting modes coincide as well.

The verdict

When choosing a smartphone, it’s important to take into account different factors. Think about what you expect from a smartphone and which features are more important to you. Based on that, you can pick the most suitable option. You should also account for the price tag, innovative features, user-friendliness, etc.

Comparing Samsung Galaxy J7 and Samsung S7, the latter seems a better one. On the one hand, it’s never. While released only half a year apart, the differences are enormous. The S7 has improved and more powerful features. Yet, both models are convenient, affordable, and user-friendly.

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