Pick the Best Antivirus. Compare Avast VS Norton VS Bitdefender VS BullGuard

Choosing antivirus software is very important. It’s the main thing that protects your PC from all sorts of viruses, malware, online threats, phishing sites, etc. That’s why you need to approach the matter with a great deal of responsibility. In this article, we’ll compare 4 different antivirus solutions and pick the best option. Let’s learn more about:

• Avast

• Norton

• Bitdefender

• BullGuard

The general impression from Avast Antivirus

The software has several features to keep the data and devices protected. It all depends on which version you decide to get. There is a free limited one and the paid unlimited. The latter has tons of useful tools including:

1. Game mode

2. Cleanup Premium

3. A password manager

4. Data shredder

5. Firewall

6. A secure VPN, etc.

Besides, there are lots of basic features like different types of scans, sandbox, real site, software updater, rescue disk, and others. As you can see, it’s a proactive program that delivers a great variety of tools and configurations. One of the reasons it’s well-known all across the globe is the free version which is not limited by the basic protection only. The flexibility and user-friendliness increase the reputation of Avast as a reliable and trustworthy solution.

A brief overview of Norton

Another well-known antivirus solution is Norton Antivirus. The software has numerous advantages. They include:

1. Excellent results during the independent tests.

2. Extra tools like online backup, spam filter, password manager, and others.

3. An affordable price if you catch the subscription during the season of sales.

4. Plenty of scan choices.

5. Great malware protection.

However, it’s not the perfect choice overall. The full scan is very slow, especially the first time you run it. Besides, it doesn’t offer multi-license pricing. It means you’ll have to buy a separate license for every PC in your household or upgrade to Deluxe version. This might turn out to be very expensive.

Bitdefender as the best antivirus solution

In most review, this antivirus gets the first place. It’s an overall best choice on the market. The software has several versions with a different set of tools. This correlation is directly reflected in the cost of the subscription. When you get the most expensive one, you’ll also receive features like a password manager, great core security, rescue mode, a VPN, webcam security, protection for social networks, etc.

The interface has quick actions which make it very simple to navigate the features. Moreover, the support team is available via a live chat, phone, and email. The software’s database has tons of useful articles in case you need extra information.

Top 5 facts about BullGuard

The advantages of this software include only a reasonable set of features and great parental control. BullGuard has real-time virus detection, firewall, safe browsing component, etc. Moreover, the results of the independent tests have shown that the software delivers 99.9% protection which is very close to the results of Kaspersky and McAfee.

However, a user doesn’t get:

• Webcam protection,

• Anti-ransomware feature.

You can get so much more for the money when you get another antivirus software.

The verdict

If you want to get antivirus software from these 4 options, Bitdefender is the obvious choice. While each product has some strong sides, the overall winner is this one. On the other hand, if you need a good antivirus solution free of charge, only Avast can help you. That’s why think about the features you need and how much you are willing to spend before you make up your mind.

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