IdShield Protection: Cost, Packages and Pricing

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The protection of personal information is essential in the modern world. That’s why more people tend to buy services that protect essential data from hackers and cybercriminals. For instance, IdShield protection scans the Internet for the use of one’s credit files, personal information, etc. Then it alerts the user in case any potential losses or suspicious activities are detected. It helps people take actions in time and save identity. Also, such companies offer up to $2 million in insurance to help recover from identity loss and related damages.

IdShield Protection: packages and prices

The company offers competitive and affordable prices that can cover one person or the whole family (up to 10 family members). There are four main plans:

  1. IdShield 1-Bureau Individual Plan costs about $13 per month or $155 annually. It covers only one person and delivers monthly tracking of one’s credit score from TransUnion. The package also includes 13 types of alerts concerning personal information in the credit application, on the dark web, social media, etc. Finally, it delivers sex offenders monitoring within 5 miles from the user’s house.
  2. There is the same version of the package for families. It’s called IdShield 1-Bureau Family Plan and costs nearly $30 per month or $312 per year. The plan covers up to 10 family members including kids. It offers credit score tracking for a primary family member and a spouse/partner. The rest of the features and alerts coincide.
  3. IdShield 3-Bureau Individual Plan costs about $18 per month or $216 annually. Designed for one user only, it doesn’t only cover monthly credit score tracking but also monitors your credit reports at three main credit bureaus. The plan also has 13 types of alerts that monitor user’s information on the dark web and social media, in the credit application, etc.
  4. The same version for families is called IdShield 3-Bureau Family Plan. It coincides with IdShield 3-Bureau Individual Plan but covers up to 10 family members. The plan costs about $33 monthly or almost $400 annually. Using it, the primary member and spouse/partner get monthly tracking of the TransUnion credit score. The rest is the same.

All the plans mentioned above have recovery insurance. Individual plans have up to $1 million in reimbursement for lost wages, travel expenses, and legal consulting/defense. Family plans cover the same items but have up to $2 million.

Pros and cons of using IdShield

The advantages of choosing this service:

  1. The affordable cost makes it one of the best on the market. Charging about $18 for three-bureau monitoring, it even beats LifeLock.
  2. The selection of family plans makes it appealing, too. IdShield offers the most value being able to cover up to 10 family members with one plan. In combination with the most competitive price on the market, the service quickly became popular.
  3. The variety of 13 kinds of alerts is also outstanding. No matter which package plan a user picks, they are all included.

The disadvantages of choosing this service:

  1. Users pay for alerts after the fact. Good personal information hygiene can prevent most of those situations.
  2. Getting too many alerts might make you overlook important information.

The verdict

All in all, IdShield is one of the companies that offer ID theft protection. It stands out delivering the most competitive prices for families and the widest selection of alerts. In combination with personal information hygiene, a user’s data is sure to stay safe.

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