Choosing the Best Dog Tracking and Training Collar System: Dogtra Pathfinder VS Garmin Alpha

In this guide, we’ll compare 2 systems: Dogtra Pathfinder and Garmin Alpha. We’ll find out which one is better. While both of them can be used as GPS tracking collars and training collars, there is so much more to learn. There is a whole set of differences you should learn before you make a purchase. Let’s focus on the similarities and differences between these two.

Top 5 things both systems share

First of all, both systems were developed for tracking and training dogs. They can be used without cellular data since they have preloaded maps. This is a very convenient feature.

Both Dogtra Pathfinder and Garmin Alpha allow static and tone-based training. You’ll be pleased to know that these systems also have nick and constant static stimulation.

If you wish to add more dogs to the system, you’ll have to buy more add on collars, regardless of the system you use.

The peculiarities of Dogtra Pathfinder

This is a more basic tracking and training collar system. It has fewer features and add-ons. When you need something simple, this is your go-to option. It’s also very convenient for those who don’t want lots of extra features since he won’t use them anyway. There is no point in paying more if you don’t need those extras.

If you are on a tight budget, this is going to be a good choice since you get a very decent product for the money. Moreover, you’ll be able to control it from your smartphone, which is very convenient. On the other hand, this drains your battery a lot and can become a real issue. So, think about that before you buy this system. Maybe you’ll need to carry a power bank to keep your smartphone charged all the time.

Some facts about Garmin Alpha

This tracking and training system is more advanced and expensive. The cost is a few times bigger than the Pathfinder. There are many more features and capabilities you can add any time. It’s very customizable and allows having different types of collars.

Garmin Alpha is controlled from a handheld device, i.e. no need to use a smartphone.

This model stands out by offering all 3 of static stim, vibration, and audible training options.

The main differences you should account for

1. The Pathfinder is cheaper than the Alpha. In case you are tight on the budget, this will be an important factor.

2. The Pathfinder is very simple with a limited number of features and possibilities. Garmin Alpha, on the other hand, is an advanced option with lots of possible additions.

3. While the Alpha comes with a handheld device, the Pathfinder uses your smartphone and connect it to the GPS connector.

4. If you need all 3 types of training options, the Alpha will be a better choice. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer a vibration training option.

5. When you need to connect multiple dogs to the system, it’s important to know that the Pathfinder supports up to 20 dogs and the Alpha expands to 21.

The verdict

Picking a tracking and training collar system for your dogs is not an easy thing. In fact, it turns out to be a real challenge. When comparing two most popular models Dogtra Pathfinder and Garmin Alpha, you can see that both options are very good. However, they have lots of differences knowing which can help you pick the right system.

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